Shawnee Township Fire Department

“The members of Shawnee Township Fire Department dedicate our efforts to deliver a highly trained staff to provide professional and compassionate service at all times.”


More Than Fire & EMS Services

Shawnee Township Fire Department had its first documented run in 1960, my how times have changed. Just like how all of society changes that have taken place so has our services. The first thought was we needed to provide fire service to our early growing community. Then in 1974 EMS was really coming to light with a TV show called Emergency 51. Our department realized the need to provide this new and life saving service would prove extremely beneficial to our citizens. Over the years other changes we needed to address to keep all of our community protected and safe. In 1978 we started our inspection bureau / fire investigation bureau. After 1983 Mid-Valley fire we recognized the fact that we needed to improve on our firefighting capabilities dealing with flammable liquids. From the early recognition of just a few of the needs to protect life safety, property conservation, and the environment we have evolved into a full service fire department including all the above mentioned along with everyone firefighter is a Paramedic, Hazmat Technician, and Confined Space Rescue Tech. Some of the other certifications held by our staff are fire safety inspectors, fire investigation, fire / EMS instructors, cold water rescue, advanced extrication, industrial fire certifications, and WMD training.