Zoning Issues / Concerns

March 26, 2018-

​The Board of Trustees for Shawnee Township passed several Resolutions that pertain to several zoning matters that have been brought to the attention of the zoning officer over the past several years.  Resolution 58-18 concerns the Storage and Removal of Junk Motor Vehicles within Shawnee Township.  We recently received information from the Allen County Prosecutors Officer on procedures to follow in enforcing this type of zoning violation. 

​Resolution 59-18 was also passed concerning the Parking and Storage of Inoperable Motor Vehicles on Public and Private Property within Shawnee Township.  This concerns motor vehicles parked over 45 days, in the open and in an apparent  inoperable condition on private or public property.  Several criteria were identified in making this determination. See the page below for the specifics on this resolution.

​Resolution 60-18 was passed concerning Abatement, Control, or Removal of Vegetation, Garbage, Refuse or Other Debris in the Township.  Shawnee Township mirrors Ohio Revised Code Sect. 505.87 in regards to this matter.  It outlines the definition of uncontrolled grass and vegetation, being 8 inches in height or greater, in non-agricultural parcels as well as enforcement action.    Vacant parcels in Residential, Commercial or Industrial zoned districts shall be mowed 3 times a year in the designated months of MAY, JULY, and SEPTEMBER. This resolution documents the process of identifying the potential violation either grass, vegetation, refuse, debris, junk; the notification process, correction process, and enforcement action should the violation not be corrected.