Declared Public Nuisance / Abatement of Violations

RESOLUTION 69-17, DATED AUGUST 14, 2017 - WHEREAS, the Property Located At:  2614 Adgate Road, Lima, Ohio (46-0304-07-026-000) - was found to have uncontrolled vegetation, grass, and debris on August 2, 2017.  Notice of violation posted on structure as mail is returned undeliverable.  Owner was afforded 4 days to correct violation as this is 3rd violation in 12 mo.  On August 9th, 2017 violation was determined to be not corrected. 

​THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, the residence located at 2614 Adgate Road, Lima, Ohio is declared a nuisance.  Property owner and lien holders of record are afforded 4 days to abate the violation by cutting the grass to height consistent to adjoining properties not to exceed 8 inches in height here after, remove and control noxious weeds from property.  This is to be corrected on/before August 26, 2017.  If after that date violation is not corrected Shawnee Township shall provide for abatement, to include all labor, materials, supplies, and $100.00 Admin. Fee to be assessed on tax duplicate.  Since owners whereabouts are unknown, a copy of this resolution is being sent US mail, and posted on the townships web page for 4 days in accordance with O.R.C. 505.87.