Zoning Information

As a reminder to residents that the Shawnee Township Zoning Office routinely receives complaints concerning excessively tall grass heights on residential, commercial, and industrial properties within the township.  The maximum acceptable grass height is 8-inches in height.  Grass height in excess of this length can be determined to be uncontrolled vegetation.  Shawnee Township Trustees established that residential properties shall be routinely maintained and grass height not to exceed 8-inches in height.  On vacant land parcels, and commercial and industrial vacant land locations, grass shall be mowed only 3 times in the year, 1-time in the month of May, 1-time in month of July, and 1-time in month of September. 

Enforcement is based on Ohio Revised Code 505.87 Abatement, control, or removal of vegetation, garbage, refuse, and other debris.  It is not only vegetation issues, but complaints concerning weeds, garbage, junk, and other debris that is also handled by zoning department.  Even though Shawnee Township does not have an external property code ordinance, the enforcement is handled under the guidelines of ORC 505.87.  Any questions feel free to contact our office.

​Finally, over the last several months, we have been working on complaints and observations addressing alleged junk / inoperable motor vehicles.  Many of these cars are in residential neighborhoods, as well as rural locations.  Shawnee Township does have zoning regulations concerning junk and disabled motor vehicles.  A motor vehicle parked for more than 45 days in same location can be identified as being inoperable.  More notably are vehicles parked in yards for months with tires flattened, weeds growing around the body, tree limbs on top of the vehicles. 

​1704.02 - The exposed storage of one or more unlicensed and / or inoperable motor vehicle(s), excluding vehicles primarily intended for agricultural uses, for more than 45 days.

​1704.02 (D) - Junk - The accumulation or storage of junk, junk vehicles, disabled or inoperable machinery, or equipment, vehicles  or machinery parts, rags, or any other discarded objects or debris defined as junk in section 4735.05 A of the Ohio Revised Code....

​These issues are routinely addressed with the property owner addressing the issue/concern and related zoning resolution violated.  A plan of action to correct the matter is requested to be submitted for review.  Many times these are corrected with a letter sent, however at times, matters are referred to Lima City Prosecutors Office. 

​Lastly, Garage Sale Permits are no longer being issued.  Residents need to come to Zoning, Administration Building, or Police Dispatch to sign a form indicating dates, times, locations, of your garage sale.  This is a means of documenting the garage sale without the formal permit process.  Additionally,  Signs are not to be posted on utility poles as these are owned by other individuals, nor posted within road right of way. 

​Thank you.