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                                                      Building Permits
Residential, Commercial and Industrial Construction required an  Application for Building & Construction Application to be completed in entirety.  This includes all new construction, additions, accessory structures, fences, swimming pools, and ponds.  In addition, plans must include all views, pitch, elevations, or site plan and / or performance measures as required by the zoning resolution.  After review and approval, a zoning permit will be issued after all applicable fees have been paid.
All Commercial and Industrial Construction Projects additionally require a separate application and permit from the Lima / Allen County Building Department. The Lima / Allen County Building Department will not process Commercial and Industrial Construction Projects without providing their office a copy of Shawnee Townships Zoning Permit first.Download Lima / Allen County Building Department Forms from their website.Shawnee Township Building & Construction Permit Applications is listed below. 

                              -  EXTERIOR PROPERTY MAINTENANCE CODE -

                       ADOPTED 09-10-2018 & AMENDED ON JANUARY 14, 2019.
  Resolution 107-18  - Posted 09-13-2018    /   Resolution 10-19 - Posted 01-22-2019
*Property Maintenance Complaints can be filed directly by email at zoning@shawneetownship.com

In addition, complaints can be filed by leaving voice mail message at Shawnee Township Zoning Department at 419-991-8706.  Check the link below EXTERIOR PROPERTY MAINTENANCE CODE for a full text description of the Exterior Property Maintenance Code for Residential, Commercial and Industrial properties in Shawnee Township.  This document helps to address common complaint issues concerning grass and vegetation issues, junk & inoperable motor vehicles, RV & Trailers, Junk & Debris as well as other property issues we have addressed. 


Zoning and Permit Fees were reviewed and amended 01/14/2019.  Please call the office to receive updated permitting fee information. 

Zoning Forms & Applications