Zoning Information

I.     Building and Construction Permits

Residential, Commercial and Industrial construction require an  application for Building & Construction completed in its entirety.  This includes but not limited to all new construction, room additions, accessory building, pools, fences, and ponds.

Permits are required for: Most buildings that are intended for human and animal habitation or use.  Most remodeling that changes the building's footprint; In-Ground and Permanent Above Ground Swimming Pools; Ponds and Lakes; Permanent Out Buildings; Building Demolitions; Signage; Wind Generators; Solar Energy Systems; Fences; Vendors and Door to Door Sales.

Permits are not required for:  Most remodeling that does not change the building footprint; Uncovered Structures to include decks, swimming pool aprons, patios, side walks, driveways, parking areas, porches, and breezeways (open roof or lattice is not covered; Seasonal Swimming Pools; Mail Box and Mail Box Enclosures; Basketball Hoops; Trellises; Private Utility Poles; Signs (Some); Temp. Out Buildings/Garden Sheds on stone or brick; Roofing & Siding Projects.
II.     Building and Construction Permit Documentation Needed

Building and Construction Application; A Site Plan showing existing structures and all new building areas; All set back measurements from property lines to proposed structure clearly identified; Proposed building drawings showing all views, elevations, materials, and foundation.  Some plans in neighborhood developments require a landscape and lighting plan.  Shawnee Township does not conduct building code inspections of Residential Structures.  It is the owners responsibility to utilize a professional and licensed contractor for safety and insurance liability.   

Commercial and Industrial Construction Projects and additionally overseen by the Lima Allen County Building Department and require a separate application and permit from their agency as well as Shawnee Townships permitting requirements. The Lima / Allen County Building Department will not process Commercial and Industrial Construction Projects without providing their office a copy of Shawnee Townships Zoning Permit.  Download Lima / Allen County Building Department Forms from their website.Shawnee Township Building & Construction Permit Applications is listed below. 

Please ensure that you check your parcel for actual lot size dimensions, any easements that would prohibit construction in that area, and deed or neighborhood covenants that are in force and effect in your area.  This is available at Allen County Auditor's Web Site and well as Allen County Recorder's Office, located on 2nd floor of Allen County Court House on Main Street. 

         AMENDED AND ADOPTED  -  MAY 13, 2019  

What is addressed:
* Structural Soundness and Maintenance of all dwellings
* Painting and Coating Materials
* External Property and Structural Exteriors
* Uncontrolled Vegetation, Grass and Noxious Weeds
* Use of Commercial Vehicles, Trailers, and Recreational Vehicles
* Parking & Storage of Inoperable, Unlicensed, or Disabled Motor Vehicles
* Junk & Debris on Properties
* Objectionable,  Noxious, or Dangerous Uses, Practices, or Conditions
* Poultry and Animal Husbandry in all zoning districts
* Mounding Raised Beds and Earthen Works
* Drainage Control
* Parking motor vehicles in front yards over 10 days or lawn damage
* Fences and maintenance of fencing
* Screening of Accessory Uses
* Swimming Pool Regulations, Care and Upkeep
* Pond Maintenance
* Maintenance of Accessory Buildings
* Upkeep of vacant land and structures on vacant land
* Accumulation of Junk, Rubbish, Garbage, Debris prohibited
* Outside Burning of Trash, Rubbish, or Noxious Debris
* Signage - Care and Maintenance
* Proper Disposal of Yard Waste Materials

Violations are based on complaint filed with the Zoning Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer.  In addition, based on nature of the violation and / or severity the Code Enforcement Officer may initiate enforcement action.  Complaints can be called into Shawnee Township at 419-991-8706 to attention of Zoning Office, or email complaints to zoning@shawneetownship.com

Copy of the External Property Maintenance Code for Shawnee Township is available for review below. 


Zoning Forms & Applications